Who can purchase Portugal Pools's lottery ticket ?

All Portugal citizens who is 18 years old and older have the rights to place bet at Portugal Pools (include Permanent Residents & Foreign Workers).

Where can i purchase Portugal pools' ticket ?

You can purchase Portugal Pools' ticket at any of our official outlets

Where to find out the drawing result ?

All drawing result will be announced at out official website's homepage : www.portugalpools.com.

Where & how to claim the prize ?

Visit our official outlet at the operating hour between 08.00 AM till 05.00 PM to claim the prize

You just need to bring your ID Card, winning tickets & follow the claiming procedure

Is there any deadline in claiming prize ?

Yes, There is. The deadline of claiming prize is 100 days after the drawing date. Make sure to claim your winning prize as soon as possible

Can i still claim the prize if the winning tickets damaged or lost ?

Broken tickets still can be used for prize claiming but claimer must wait around 90 days for verification & investigation procedure by the authority

All claiming request without the winning tickets will be rejected